Welcome to my homepage!

Old and new...

charles Hi and welcome to Charlie Steinberg's homepage. Some of you may know me from the Steinberg company.

I recently digged out some old Mac harddisks and found some old music of mine, so I finally decided to finally start my homepage - all hand-written html, css, and js only :-)

So I'll try and extend this every now and then and provide some of my views of the history and development of myself and my activities.

So for now, have a look at my late 70's / early 80's music and have fun with it.

charlieA Make sure to visit links to my current or recent activities on the left.

The STIER Anzeiger (German) homepage is also my baby (STIER is the band I am playing with).

I have some gear to sell, have a look:


recording.de    visit recording.de

STIER Anzeiger